hot air balloon

hot air balloon

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hand printed Book [The Journey]

This is the newest picture book I did back in May this year.

The character Billy the Bear and Fish-men from my imaginary lands has started a little adventurous journey to discover different islands. There is always something in my head about this book but I spent couple of month to find the right direction. I am proud of this little world have born. I would say this is a book allow anyone to explore and to find encouragement.

More information about the book:

This book is a hand binding with natural birch wood cover. 4 colors silk screen printed with 16 pages and can also be unfold to an impressive long landscape.

Printed on quality printmaking white paper.

First edition of 25

Book size: 15 cm x 23cm

You can find them at BookArtBookShop and My Etsy

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